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It is Time to Draw the Pitchmap on Your Cricket Bat

Any moving element in the game can be tracked. Anything that is tracked can be measured, analysed, and improved upon The introduction of Ball tracking brought a paradigm shift in the way cricket is analysed and played. Until then, the scoreboard is the primary source of data for any analysis. The concept of ball tracking […]

4 Ways to Generate Cricket Bat Speed for Six Hitting

England won the Cricket World Cup 2019 not by outscoring, but by outnumbering New Zealand on the boundary count. While the rules of winning the Super Over were modified later, one thing is evident – the concept of boundaries continues to remain the key Cricketainment factor in the shorter formats of the game.  How best […]

Bat Twist in Power Hitting – The Most Underrated Factor in Cricket

What a flat six that was… the batsman has nailed the shot… seeing some serious power hitting, today… Power hitting in cricket is often associated more with brute force, and less with the technical parameters of the shot. It is a well-known fact that timing the ball to perfection is the best way to get […]

Smart Sensors in Cricket – Next-Gen Fan Engagement

Every cricket match is a story about the battle between two playing teams and between two key elements of the game – bat and ball.  Cricket fans throng the stadiums, like movie theatres, to view & anticipate the gameplay and watch their stars in action. While the nature of the outcomes are limited (win, tie, […]

Data-driven Cricket Training Using Smart Tech

So, when did training / coaching actually became a norm in Cricket? Was it when the game of cricket was played with sticks, similar to hockey? Or when the first international cricket match happened? Or was it when the West Indies won the first Cricket world cup? There is no definitive answer to this timeframe […]

Power Hitting In Cricket – The Science Behind It

Every cricketer, be it a kid playing in the narrow streets of Mumbai to an international cricketer playing in the IPL, loves hitting boundaries. The idea of “Speed” and “Power” brings a new excitement to the game, and has penetrated into all aspects of cricket – starting from the evolution of the format (Test -> […]

Technologies for 21st Century Cricket Fans

The technological demands for Cricket in the 21st century are vastly different from that of the previous era. In the 20th century, the focus for tech companies was primarily on broadcasting and in enhancing the reach of the game – more countries, more players, more matches, more audience…  The first-ever radio commentary for cricket happened […]

The Regulation Paradox in Germline Engineering and Designer Babies

We live in an age where technology is pervasively seen as a process and solution for any social gap that exist today. While technology definitely acts as a bridge, it also opens up many unchartered territories that are yet to be understood from moral and societal standpoint. Regulations in the technology space has by far […]